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An exhibition of sports cars was held in Baku within the framework of the FIA events
2023-12-06 10:55:00

During the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Annual General Assemblies meeting and the FIA ​​Prize Giving Ceremony days in Baku, one of the events that caught the attention of the capital's residents and guests was the exhibition of the FIA champions' cars.

The exhibition took place in front of the Heydar Aliyev Center, one of the venues of the FIA events.

The exhibition included champion pilots' cars of the 2023 Formula 1, World Rally Championship, World Rally-Raid Championship (W2RC), FIA World Endurance Championship, and World Rallycross Championship.

Motorsports fans had the opportunity to experience the thrill of the race once again at the exhibition.

It should be noted that famous pilots will also come to Baku to participate in the FIA ​​Prize Giving Ceremony within the framework of the FIA ​​week.

A reminder that from December 5 to 8, for the first time, Baku is hosting the FIA ​​Prize Giving Ceremony, one of the most anticipated events in motorsports fields.

Automobile organizations from different countries and prominent figures in automobile sports gathered in Azerbaijan to participate in the event.

Guests discuss various topics in motorsports and the motor industry within the framework of the FIA week. In total, representatives from 128 countries, club representatives, as well as online representatives participate in the Baku events of the Federation.

The FIA ​​week held in partnership with the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation has united all car enthusiasts, including volunteers on these days.

It is worth mentioning that several projects on the development of motorsports have been held in Azerbaijan in recent years. Baku successfully hosts one of the most prestigious sports competitions in the world - the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and gathers sports fans in our capital.

With the organization and initiative of the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation, many projects have been implemented in recent years for the development of motorsports and the promotion of motorsports among young people. Various motorsports competitions are organized, and car exhibitions are held to study the history of automobiles and the motor industry. Furthermore, several measures are taken to encourage the application of road safety regulations, including training sessions and educational publications. The pilot training sessions in Azerbaijan and the participation of Azerbaijani representatives in worldwide competitions are further examples of the development of motorsports.

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