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FAA and Mobility


Mobility, which is now an inseparable part of modern society and has both social and economic importance, is the basis of Azerbaijan Automobile Federation’s (AAF) activities.


Mobility unites all topics in the motor car field. Among them are safety, environment, and tourism. All of those areas combine broad

concepts and engagement sectors. The main goal of the mobility policy is to provide road users with  high-level safety. Considering the fact that every year one million people in the world die and more than fifty million get injuried, the mission that mobility fights for is undoubtedly of high importance.   


In addition, protection of the environment, which is one of the main problems of the modern world, is also one of the important branches of the mobility policy. The important mission, set in this direction, is to strengthen control of the transport sector, which plays a major role in the pollution of the environment, and to take concrete steps in solving the problem.This includes minimizing the release of harmful emissions into the air, increasing the production of environmentally friendly vehicles, which consume less fuel, and finally, drawing public attention to the protection of the environment.


Cars are not made only to meet daily needs. Vehicles are also successful means for tourism. Nowadays, automobile tourism is an area of great interest. So most drivers participate in the sector directly. There are favorable conditions for automobile tourism in our country. The development and promotion of this field is a strategic goal of the mobility policy successful implementated by AAF.


Generally, mobility plays an important role in the lives of all road users including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The biggest goal of the mobility policy is development of the mentioned fields in various directions and their successful promotion on an international level.